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Jeoffrey Benward

Song Lyrics

Needing you for always................Your my Lifes Prayer....

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you're my life's one miracle
everything I've done that's good
and you break my heart with tenderness
and I confess it's true
I never knew a love like this 'til you
you're the reason I was born
now I finally know for sure
and I'm overwhelmed with happiness
so blessed to hold you close
the one that I love most
though the future has so much for you in store
who could ever love you more?
the nearest thing to heaven
you're my angel from above
only God creates such perfect love
when you smile at me, I cry
and to save your life I'd die
with a romance that is pure in heart
you are my dearest part
whatever it requires
I live for your desires
forget my own, your needs will come before
who could ever love you more?
there is nothing you could ever do
to make me stop loving you
and every breath I take
is always for your sake
you sleep inside my dreams and know for sure
who could ever love you more?
Jeoffrey I love you this Song reflecs on how I Feel
for you I love you....... My Angel...........

Baby Close Your Eyes

sun is creeping down
behind the hill
everything is calm
everything is still
so baby close your eyes
and rest your weary mind
let me hold you close
I'll sing you this lullaby
let your worries go
you fall asleep
think of nothing more
memories will keep
your dreams will turn to gold
and you will wake and find
that you hold a smile all day
from this lullaby
maybe somewhere in the silence
you may wake and you're all alone
just call and I'll be there
even when I'm gone
each day will end
so I'll say good night
till we meet again
now baby close your eyes
and rest your weary mind
II'll let you know the joy you bring
every time you hear me sing
you this lullaby


(Carol Welsman, Romano Musumarra)
Editions Productions Georges Mary (SACEM/SDRM)/
Welcar Music (SOCAN/CMRRA)/Editions Musicales
All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.



now hush
my little one
don't be afraid
your daddy's right here
it's just
a little dream
and now it's gone
there's nothing to fear
so close your eyes
I'll sing a sweet lullaby
lay your head close to my heart
and sleep tight
the angels hover over you
they spread their wings
to keep you safe and warm
the starlight
in the heavens high above you
will light a path
to find your way back home
sleep tight
and now
my sleepy head
your carriage waits
to take you off to bed
let go
your tiny hands
and drift away
to a bright enchanted land
I promise you
your sweetest dreams will come true
now leave this weary world behind
so close your eyes
and wish upon the brightest star
'cause when you dream
it doesn't matter where you are
near to me or very far
I'll always be with you
sleep tight
sleep tight
sleep tight
yeah I'll keep you safe
safe and warm